Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital

Starting with the motto of ‘A sound mind lies in a sound body’ Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital was established in 2008. The College continued working with a strong mission and vision of higher education in Eastern System of Medicine (Unani). The college covers an area of 2.53 acres land. The main college building comprises a total of 45 rooms for class, library, laboratory, office etc. in a four storied building. The college building is constructed on approximately 43,908 sq. feet and the construction work of the hospital is in progress on 36,844 sq. feet floor area. A 15 (Fifteen) bedded temporary hospital is already extending health facilities to the patients. Very soon it will be upgraded to 30 (Thirty) bedded hospital as per the Govt. policy. A strong governing body is supervising the college and a group of experienced teachers working hard to accomplish the mission.

Hamdard Foundation

Hamdard Foundation Bangladesh was founded by Dr. Hakim Mohammad Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan in 1989 with the recommendation of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said and the Board of Trustees of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh. This foundation is run by the earnings of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh. The Foundation, being a charitable organization, promotes human welfare through its educational and philanthropic activities. In addition, Hamdard Foundation Bangladesh promotes advancement of learning, education, and application of knowledge. To this end, poor but brilliant students are granted educational aid or stipends from the Foundation. It has established Hamdard University Bangladesh, Hamdard Unani Medical College and Hospital at Bogra, Hakim Said Eastern Medical College and Hospital in Dhaka, Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital at Laximpur and Hamdard Public College in Dhaka. All these institutions are functioning under the financial patronage of the Foundation.